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Melissa Therrien

about melissa

Hey you! It’s me, Melissa. I’m the Founder of Live Each Day. I started this business to pursue and live my passions and to help you do the same.

At Live Each Day, you’ll find content, courses, and community to help you explore life well-lived through healthy eating, personal development, and pursuing your passions. I offer a course and coaching program called Passion to Plan, designed to help you monetize your passions, skills, and knowledge so you can build a life you enjoy each day.

On a personal note, I’m a fierce foodie, a cocktail and wine enthusiast, and an avid reader. I’m an aspiring writer and a lover of nature. I’m a mother to 3 beautiful souls – an eclectic bunch, who offer me diverse lenses through which to view this world. Like you, I am solidly dedicated to figuring out how to live this wild and crazy life in a meaningful way.

So friends, welcome to my corner of the internet where I hope to inspire you to fully live each day.