Welcome to

live each day

Where we explore life well-lived by nurturing our body, mind, and soul.

Come on in,

we live and learn here

Welcome to

live each day

Where we explore life well-lived by nurturing our body, mind, and soul.

Come on in,

we live and learn here

Do you want to truly live each day?

We are simply not meant to trudge through each day as if we are in a version of the movie Groundhog’s Day. Cue the music. Instead, we can choose to take stock of our life and grow and evolve personally, so that we we can live full, meaningful, and intentional lives. If you’ve landed here by chance or by choice, welcome. Let’s explore life well-lived by pursuing our passions, dreams and goals.

Live Each Day is a place for personal growth, evolution, and inspiration to write the next chapter of your story to include more joy, authenticity, freedom, and fulfillment. Here at Live Each Day, you’ll find content, courses, and community all centered around the philosophy that we only get this one wild and precious life, so we might as well fully LIVE IT each and every day.

To nurture means “to care for and encourage the growth or development of.”

My sweet friend, you do that for all those around you. Now it’s time to nurture yourself.


you’re in the right place if:

  • You’re juggling career, family, and caregiving and while serving everyone else first, you are beginning to feel like you’re losing yourself.
  • You have many days that leave you feeling depleted, empty, and unfulfilled due to the hectic pace of your current life.
  • You want to spend more time with the people you love doing the things that fill your soul.
  • You care about health, wellness, and personal growth.
  • You’re craving more connection and humanity in your life.
  • You’re somewhere in the messy middle of life, looking to chart a new path for yourself so you can spend your days living more fully.
  • You know there must be a way to rewrite the story of your life to include more joy, freedom, and fulfillment, you just need a little support to find your way.
  • You may even be curious about turning something you are passionate about into an online business, but you’re not sure where to begin.

If this sounds like you, I'm so glad you're here.

Come on in and stay awhile. I can help you.

To all my tired, overworked mamas ~
are you ready to feel

alive again?

Let’s write the next chapter of

your story

to go from merely surviving each day to

fully living each day.

Melissa Therrien

What are your passions goals dreams ?

Make time for yourself right in the middle of your very full life.

I can help you

Pursue Your Goals & Dreams in the Middle of Your Busy Life

Find the Time to Care for Yourself

Rediscover &
Reinvent Yourself

50 Self Discovery Journal Prompts

Manage Mindset &
Accomplish Your Goals

10 Mindset Shifts to Achieve Your Goals

Make Money Doing
Something You Love

Pursue Your Passion and Start an Online Business

hi, I'm melissa

Welcome to Live Each Day where we explore life well-lived through food, relationships, personal growth, and pursuing our passions.

I founded Live Each Day to LIVE my passions and it’s now my mission to help you do the same. I’m so glad you’re here.

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rediscover and reinvent yourself

Rediscovering You is a workshop series for busy women who feel like they’ve lost themselves to motherhood, career, caregiving, or in many cases – all of these things. In this program, I guide you to rediscover who you are outside the roles in your life – the YOU before the world got to you.

Find your way back to your authentic self and discover passions that make you feel whole and fulfilled.  I’ll help you take action on your most important life goals.

Let’s make time for you.

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