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personal growth resources

20 Ways to More Fully Live Each Day
Free E-Book

Download this e-book for inspiration to find more joy, authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment in your life.

50 Journal Prompts to Get Clear on What You Want in Life

Get 50 journal prompts to gain clarity on what you truly want in your one wild and precious life.
journal prompts

10 Mindset Shifts to Begin Actively Pursuing Your Goals

Download 10 mindset shifts necessary to make real progress on your goals.
A New Mindset = New Results
mindset guidance

Wheel of Life Assessment Tool - How are you really?

Use this free worksheet to assess 8 key areas of your life. When we get real with ourselves about how we feel about our lives, we can begin to make positive changes.

Setting Life Goals

Use this resource to assess 8 key areas of life and set goals in the areas you would like to change. Striving to make positive changes makes our life more fulfilling.
goal worksheet

Daily Goals

Use this daily goals worksheet to make your dreams a reality right within your very full life. Break big goals into small steps each day. Factor in the normal daily stuff too.

online business resources

What Online Business Model is Right for You?

Take this 5-minute quiz to assess what online business model might be right for you based on your experience, skills, interests, and passions.
5-minute quiz

Make Money Doing Something You Love

Sign up for this free training to learn how to turn your skills, experience, interests, and passions into an online business so you can make money doing something you love.
free training

Online Business Tools & Software

As an online business owner, choosing your tech stack can be overwhelming. This is my list of recommended tools and software for managing an online business.
coming soon

food resources

Real Food Resources

Check out this list of my favorite real food resources for purchasing healthy, natural, and mostly organic food for you and your family.

Meal Planning Template

Girl - I know you're busy! Snag this weekly meal planning template to help you organize meals for your family around your busy week.

What to Pack for Kids' Lunches

Check out this blog post with tons of ideas for what to pack for kids' school lunches.
blog post

motherhood resources

120 Great Open-Ended Questions to Ask Your Kids

Want to get to know your child even better? Check out this list of open-ended questions to learn what's going on in their beautiful mind.
blog post

Lean In

This is an article for those times when motherhood feels overwhelming. Want to connect with your child? Lean in, especially during the hard times.
blog post

This One is For you Mama

Are you feeling like you've lost yourself to all the roles you hold in your life? This free webinar will begin to open up your mind and heart to new possibilities.
coming soon

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When we're trying to balance family and career, it can be a challenge to take action on our other goals. I've created this daily goals worksheet to faciltate the pursuit of our goals and dreams.

Are you assessing your life goals? This article is packed with resources to help you, including several worksheets for setting life goals.

Grilled peaches, creamy burrata, heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, and a special balsamic vinaigrette make this Peach Burrata Salad next level.

Check out this list of side hustles for working moms so you can make extra money while doing something you love and maybe ditch the 9-5 grind.

It's soup season...let's do this. Chicken Pastina soup is comfort in a bowl.

With balsamic strawberries, burrata cheese, & a vinaigrette, this is an incredible recipe for strawberry spinach salad.