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This is a list of my favorite real food resources for purchasing healthy, natural and mostly organic food for you and your family.

Dry Farm Wines

If you are a wine enthusiast who strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the kind of person who also cares about the environment, Dry Farm Wines might be for you. I’ve written my objective review of Dry Farm Wines here. See if a subscription is right for you.

Sizzle Fish

Sizzlefish sources fresh, natural and sustainable seafood & delivers it right to your doorstep. Many varieties of fish & shellfish can be purchased, with many wild caught options available. You choose what kind of fish you like & how often you’d like to receive it. They offer some grass-fed beef products as well. 

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow offers grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood. Crowd Cow partners with ethical farms, fisheries & producers to source the highest quality, sustainable food. If you want to know where your food comes from, it is transparently labeled on every product you purchase.

Art of Tea

If you are a tea lover, you must check out Art of Tea! Their teas are simply like no other. The world’s finest organic teas & botanicals are carefully selected directly from growers, then hand blended and custom crafted. They offer tea education & a quiz to determine your preferences. You can even download the Art of Tea app! 


FarmFoods sells grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, pastured Heritage pork and wild caught seafood, all humanely raised and sustainably sourced. All food items are labeled with the name of the farm that raised and produced the product. FarmFoods prides itself on providing the best value in both quality and price.

Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere is a wholesaler that ships fresh-caught live lobster directly from the Maine coast. They sell sustainably sourced, wild-caught fresh seafood including lobster, scallops and shrimp. As a wholesaler, they offer competitive prices, incredibly fresh seafood, and impeccable service. Read more here.

Elements Truffles

Elements Truffles is a small family-owned business rooted in authentic Indian heritage and a passion for fine chocolate. Owned by a couple who followed their dreams, you’ll find the finest chocolates, truffles, & delicious hot cocoas, all made using the principles of Ayurveda. Check it out for sweet gifts or to treat yourself!

True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market is an independent non-GMO seed company supplying seeds to home gardeners. They offer vegetable, herb, and flower seeds of every variety, including organic seeds, microgreens and sprouting seeds. You can find everything you could possibly need for home gardening at True Leaf Markets.

Vital Choice

Vital Choice is a company that sustainably sources wild caught fresh seafood and ships it directly to your home. The company prides itself on offering only wild caught fish and seafood products that are free of antibiotics, pesticides and GMO feed used by many fish farms. Integrity guides all aspects of their business.

Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire combines marrow bones with organic vegetables & filtered water in steel kettles to produce high quality bone broths. Broths are slow-simmered to allow maximum nutrients, collagen, & amino acids to soak into the broth. Strict standards ensure that cattle & chicken are humanely raised, with no antibiotics or hormones, 100% grass-fed & grass-finished with no additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, artificial flavors, colors or added sodium. There are incredible health benefits to including bone broth in your diet.

I am affiliated with the above brands. I only recommend products and brands that I like and trust. If you purchase through the above links, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow Live Each Day to continue providing free content.

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