Beauty in Nature, Beauty is All Around Us

Beauty in Nature, Beauty is All Around Us

Beauty All Around Us

There is beauty all around us. The universe offers us beauty in nature everywhere. We just have to choose to see it. If we get intentional about our observations, beauty will show itself to us in all places and on ordinary days. Really it does, trust me.

When you slow down, put life on pause, and notice these moments in time, not only does it make you appreciate the beauty all around you, but it also etches what you are feeling and doing into your memory. It prevents the moments of your life from passing you by as you rush through your days. The beauty has always been there, it’s just a matter of whether we see it or not.

Beauty All Around Us on Ordinary Days

An evening sky at my daughter’s soccer game

I happened to look up as I was crossing the huge soccer park to get to the field she was playing on.

Sun through the clouds

A Swallowtail butterfly – beauty in nature

I had just finished kayaking with my son. After we pulled the kayaks out of the lake, while we were waiting for the rest of our family, we saw about 25 of these swallowtail butterflies fluttering about.

Swallowtail butterly

The sky peaking through trees on a hike – beauty all around us

The quiet in the woods during a hike was so peaceful. Thankfully, a noise from above caused me to look up.


The sky while on a camping trip

We were camping and setting up for an outdoor nighttime movie for the kids. The sun was setting, creating this stunning evening sky.

Beautiful sky

A pristine tree in a Tim Horton’s drive through (of all places)

It was just my daughter and I on a chilly fall day. She wanted a hot cocoa and I wanted a coffee.  She noticed the beauty all around us, opened her window and captured these photos while we waited in line. Before we began intentionally looking for the beauty in nature around us, we never would have noticed this tree.

Tree and lamp post

The beauty of the sky on the 4th of July

A few years ago at my sister-in-laws house, the sun was starting to set and a group of people were playing a game of volleyball at her annual 4th of July party.

Fourth of July Sky

Sunsets galore…

I’m obsessed with sunsets and sunrises. The wonder and amazement of the beginning and ending of each day.

Sunset Beauty All Around Us
Sunset by the pier

An early morning sunrise

The sunrise on an early morning walk – the dawn of a new day.

Early morning sunrise

Above the clouds on a flight to Punta Cana

I remember my kids’ excitement for our spring break trip to Punta Cana (pre-pandemic). They love looking out the windows when flying on an airplane. They were in amazement. We should be too.

Winter out my window – more beauty in nature

Winter wonderland – such beauty in all the seasons of life.

Winter out the window

A lone sunflower in a field

The transition of summer to fall – almost harvest time. I stand in awe of all the seasons.

A Single Sunflower

A few photos my daughter took while on a walk – the beauty in nature

She noticed the beauty in nature all around us.

Beauty All Around Us
Beauty All Around Us
Beauty All Around Us
Beauty All Around Us

Toronto in the distance across the lake

Each year we go on a “school’s out for the summer” camping trip. We’ve taken this same trip at the end of the school year for almost 10 years. You can see Toronto in the distance across the lake as the sun sets. It’s one of my favorite views.

Toronto in the distance

These 3 remarkable souls – beauty in nature

So little in this huge world, yet with hearts so huge, they have much to offer back to the world. They occupy the biggest space in my heart, each so unique, so grand in their own way.

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.” (Dr. Seuss)

Beauty all around us

Beauty All Around Us – Slow Down, Take Notice

I’ve been on a quest lately. To look for the beauty all around me, to stop (literally), take notice and breathe it in.

Make today the day you notice the beauty in nature all around you. Slow down, look up, look down, look around, look right in front of you. It will change your mindset. Don’t let life’s most beautiful moments slip right by you. Comment and share a picture of the beauty you found in your day today.

There is beauty all around us, tucked in between the busy moments of our lives. We just have to slow down enough to be able to see it. Give it your best, and live each day.

*All photos are intentionally left unedited to show the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary.

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