Deep-ish Thoughts, A Few Fun Links & a Question

Deep-ish Thoughts, A Few Fun Links & a Question

fall morning

Deep-ish Thoughts

~ Even amidst the whirlwind of school mornings while rushing my kids out the door in a hurried frenzy, the freshness of the cool, crisp air reminds me that we get a fresh start each day.  If yesterday was hard, breathe in deeply and let that crisp fall air remind you that each day can be a completely clean slate if you want it to be.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

fall morning

~ The depth of human emotion is profound. The world is going through so much. As a deeply feeling person, I sometimes can’t even process the complexity of emotions that flood in like a tidal wave. Does this happen to you too?

tidal wave

~ Motherhood feels like this grand opportunity to see the world through multiple lenses at all times. I often stand in wonder of my childrens’ perspective about the world. They notice things I don’t, they see a shade of pink when I see red, and they point out the subtleties when I’m distracted by the obvious.

A Child's Perspective

~ My teenage son asked to ride along with me this week on a car ride to pick up my other children. He asked to spend time with me, completely voluntary, in the car, and wait for it………….he never looked at his phone once. We talked and laughed the entire time. Sweet baby Jesus, I’m going to hold onto these moments for as long as I can.


~Have you ever laughed so hard you can barely breathe? Doesn’t it feel incredible? My oldest son often makes me full-belly laugh until my cheeks hurt. There are only a small handful of people in my life that make me laugh this hard. He is one of them. Who are your laugh-until-your-cheeks hurt people? Hold onto them, tightly. Never let them go.


~ Juggling motherhood, career, daily life requirements, and starting a new path for yourself can be really hard. One more time for emphasis – really, really hard. It is possible though. Do you want to take steps toward a new path? Do you have a plan on how to get there or do you need some help and support? I’m hard at work on a way to support you in choosing a new career path for yourself.  Stay tuned.

laptop work

~ It’s been a long few weeks of back to school routines. Is this transition from summer to school routines hard for you? It sure is for me. I love the long, less structured days of summer. Ode to summer, we will miss you and all your loveliness. Until next time.



What’s in your newsfeed? Here’s what’s in mine.

Speaking of full-belly laughing, seriously though, watch this imomsohard video. Sense of humor required. You’re welcome.

Here’s a healthier version of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Cold Brew that you can make at home.

Evening cocktail anyone? A Basil Martini for me please. Use up the last of that fresh basil. Cheers to summer’s end.


A Thought-Provoking Question

A thought-provoking question – what is the deepest emotion you felt this week? Was it love, joy, excitement, grief, pain or something else? Did you sit with that emotion for awhile and just let yourself feel it without judgement? Living each day means embracing our full humanity, including the broad spectrum of human emotions. Life can be hard and beautiful all at the same time. In fact, it usually is.

Until next time,

~ M

In case you missed it, may we suggest the previous Random Thoughts, Lovely Links and a Question. Have a Live Each Day kind of day.

~ m ~

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  1. Pianino Akustyczne

    i have visited this blog a few times now and i have to tell you that i find it quite exeptional actually. keep it up!

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